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I've been entertaining people with scary and funny stories from an early age. 

I started writing in my twenties yet only had the courage to publish them in my late thirties after a long business life. Like the four generations before me I lived all my life in Istanbul; one of the largest cities in the world. Consequently it influenced my stories which constructed around intricate relationships, intoxicating family ties, greed, intrigue, modern "love" and vanity. Apart from fiction, I've produced many essays and articles in comparative literature both in Turkish and English. 

Since 2015 I've been living in France near Geneva juggling with three languages; French, English, Turkish. Gradually losing my mother tongue, I'm now obliged to continue to write in another language, and I will.

Afterword: I've been an avid supporter of protection of the stray animals in Turkey and have an obsession for recycling since I was a teen.


Normandiya Yolcusu

Sherlock Türkiye'de


23,5 Derecenin Sırrı : Güney Afrika'ya Yolculuk

İki Renkli Muhallebi


En Güzel Boşanma Hikâyeleri

Yeniköy'de Bir Yalı


A Naïve and Sentimental Baker

My Books
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